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Virtual Assistants

A fully customisable service and perfectly branded to your identity creates the ideal communication interface to your customers. As most customers prefer WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger as their main communication method of their choice, you can reach your customers using our WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger options. And, with your customers having no need to leave their App, you can now stay closer to and longer with your customer.

Products and Services

At any time you are able to onboard new or update your connected catalogue of products and services available for your customers. You can opt for either a passive for inbound inquiries or a pro-active mode where our agents actively promote your - additional - products and services.

Travel Experts

Our team of experienced Travel experts are trained on conversational strategies defined by Travel Providers using our platform. Having a unique mutually agreed conversational model in place allows for great levels of authenticity and recognition of your brand whilst accommodating your customers requirements.


Every connected active customer is served with hyper personalised recommendations during a predefined period of time. The process behind the recommendations is based on a seamless integration with your Customer Relation Management system. We have developed integrations based on all industry standards.

In addition to this we have designed and developed a state of the art AI engine that matches and predicts the correct recommendation based on the individual customer. Through tactically placed feedback loops we ensure the highest accuracy of these recommendations in the industry.


We have a dedicated team of Content specialists who aggregate the newest and most relevant Points of Interests relative to our expected audience. We currently manage one of the largest repositories of recommendations in the world. Through a sophisticated application of Machine Learning, we guarantee our users of the best rated recommendations any time at any place.

Optionally, we can accommodate an additional stream of income based on providers at destination: restaurants, clubs and other high expenditure venues. The parties offer kickbacks for customers attending their venue, we will collect and further handle payments to you.

Data Management

We operate a fully GDPR compliant data architecture based on the best technologies supported by strong encrypted data pipelines from and to your environment. Our platform is built on top of the best Cloud technologies and is certified with the latest industry standards.