Frequently Asked Questions

We currently cover Europe in par with our customer’s requirements. We anticipate this to be extended in due course, and offer more as customer demand grows for destinations outside Europe.

We successfully enabled more than 30.000 departures in 2018 and are currently gearing up our facilities to support more than 100.000 departures in 2021.

Our platform is designed with the intent to help our customers to increase their Yield per Customer; This means that you can onboard your catalogue of products and services seamlessly onto our platform and provide your customers more relevant and personalised offers.

Unfortunately, we do not consider ourselves as a chatbot as we believe that emotion and conversational strategies require Human Interaction. That is only possible between humans and therefore our experienced and knowledgeable agents are the best choice to provide a true travel experience to your customers.

Our platform is designed to interface with any industry standard, whether this is WhatsApp, Facebook or your own App.

Seeing is believing, just let us know when you have planned your own holiday and we will help you free of charge!

Google provides all information that could possibly exist. Our brain will not, and cannot, process all this information that is why many Travel Providers use our platform. Our Artificial Intelligent Engine processes all information from public and non public sources  and  provides a selection of best matches, our agents will then provide the best choice based on their conversation they have  with your customer. Technology will never replace humans.

We have a dedicated team of content creators who have built an extensive catalogue of relevant, unique and up to date recommendations relevant to our customers and their customers.

Our response times are set together with our customers; this means that we can provide between a near real-time response to an extensive support enquiry in a matter of minutes.

We measure success by the improvement of your Net Promoter Score with more than 10%, increase retention with 10% and improve yield per customer with 25%.